I'm kinda confused...
Drawing: Christmasy stuff
Utau: Working on making her singing "Neko Neko Super Fever night!" (but changed to Mitsu Mitsu Super fever night)
School: FDGSDF
Happiness: Can't even describe it.
Hunger: Full~.

Yay for late black Friday shopping!
My mom bought me a really cute sweater and some Christmas decorations!

Have some drawings!

well, have some arts~.silly touhou cosplays
Mitsu Sachine
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Drawings! + thanksgiving
Drawing: Christmasy stuff
Utau: nothing changed.
School: Hate it!
Happiness: Can't even describe it.
Hunger: Stuffed like the turkey

First off, Thanksgiving wasn't that big, my mom made each of our favorite sidedishes and a 10 pound terkey breast. It was good and easy to clean up!
Well, Mitsu's finished an I thought I'd share a song
If I could find it...

Also, I'm trying to pick out the best layout for my blog, hehehe~. So it might change a lot.

Now for some art!

Ebisuko Surudoi
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Silverbells~. Silverbells~.
It's Christmas time in the city~
Status: happier the the happiest clam!
Drawing: Miss Peppermint and Lady Winter
Utau: Beta ver. 1 finished, I need to redo some recordings.
School: Frustrating as hell!
Happiness: (that's a terriable joke, kalyn!)
Hunger: I could go for some cupcakes~.

Again, I need not to forget to update! grrr...
Well, jeez! why am I "Grrr..."-ing when I'm so happy? well, because my mom won't let me put up the christmas tree! I love to put up things like that.

Thanksgiving is an annoying holiday, I hope we don't make dinner for it, I get stuck with the mess ;A;
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So I've been working on some stuff
I'd post pictures, but I messed up my connection

I upped my fire wall, now I can't log onto MSN or upload pictures to anything except DA.
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I need to stop forgetting to update

I love you guys lots~.

I'll post pictures in my next entry~.
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